We are asked all sort of questions regarding the products we carry.  To help you find the answers you
looking for check out this FAQ section first.  If you don't find what your looking for, then send us an
email and we will respond a quickly as possible.

Hours, Location and Contact

  • We are an e-commerce site.  Which means we are open 24 hours a day, every day.  We work out of our home currently, with hopes of opening a small shop sometime in the near future.  However, are doors are always open if someone wants to come by and pick up an order, or even do a little digging through our inventory.   As long as you contact us to set up a time, we would love to meet some of our customers face to face.  We are located currently in Salem, NH.  If you would like to set up a time to visit, just give us a call at 603-289-2572.


  • Where do products come from ?
    Most of our products are obtained through the various distributors located here in the US.  But we also carry a number of unique items only obtained from the manufacturers themselves in various countries around the world.  So when items are back ordered, many of them, when available from US sources, only take a few days to come back in stock.  Products obtained from the manufacturers overseas can take longer to get.  In some cases it could take a week, in others it's taken as much as 2 months to get items.   And it also depends if the manufacturer has a minimum order amount.  Then we have to wait a bit to make sure we reach that minimum number.  But if you have a question about the availability of a product, just drop us a line or give us a call and we'll let you know when it might come in.
  • Do you carry Scale Model Kits ?
    We do have a small selection of kits available.  Popular kits like WingnutWings or Airfix, we try to carry the latest and have them in stock.   And if a customer requests a certain kit, we might pick up a couple to have on hand.  But the majority of our kits are listed as "On Demand".  To help keep overhead at a minimum we cannot stock the thousands of kits available.   The way "On Demand" works, is you make a purchase of a kit, if we don't have it in stock, we order within 48 hours.   Depending on the distributor we get them from, some will be here in 3 days, others might take 4-5 to cross the country.  Then as soon as it arrives, we ship it out to you.
  • Can you obtain kits not listed on the website ?
    Of course we can.  If you are interested in a kit not listed on the site, just drop us an email with the Manufacturer and the kit number.   We will look through our sources and see if we can find it domestically.  Then we'll let you know what your cost would be, and if you still are interested, we'll order it up and have it in the 3-7 days.  We would also add it to the store so you can purchase it through the site, and if any one else is interested, they'll see it on the site as well.
  • Why carry what you carry ?
    We do a lot of reading online from Facebook groups, internet forums, etc to see what modelers around the world like to use and what they have success with.  So a lot of our inspiration of what to carry comes from their.   And we are always open to hearing from our customers who are looking for various tools and products.   If something looks like it might be a useful tool to the modeling community we will certainly try to get it in stock.


  • Is your online inventory accurate ?
    We certainly try to keep it as accurate as possible.   However there are a number reasons why sometimes it isn't    One is, of course, human error.   Paperwork was never my strong suite ;-).  I also attend up to 12 IPMS and AMPS shows a year, and I may sell the last of an items at a show and then it takes a week or more to get it back in stock.   Sometimes items are just not where they are supposed to be on the shelves.   But we do make every effort to keep the items we sell in stock at all times. 
  • How do I pay ?
    You can pay for a purchase using Paypal, Credit Cards or even mail us a check or money order.  We realize not all of our customers are internet savvy and some just like to drop a letter in the mail with the items they want and a check or money order.   And we are fine with that.   During check out just choose that method and it'll guide you from there.   As for the electronic payments, once you click Buy, it will take you over to Paypal, where you can use a paypal account or pay with a Credit Card.
  • Your site is not secure ?
    This was a conscious decision.   Being that the only information we collect from our customers is their name, mailing address and phone number we did not thing it was important to secure the site.   We use Paypal as our payment gateway, and they of course are secure.

  • Can I call in an order ?
    Yes you can.  Call us at 603-289-2572 and we can take your order over the phone.
  • Do you offer Lay-a-way ?
    As a matter of fact we do.  In an effort to help modelers buy expensive items or large groups of items (Like a hobbyzone module system), we have offered a Lay-a-way (partial payment).  If it pretty straight forward.  A 25% percent deposit is required at the time of the purchase.   Then every 30 days an invoice will be emailed to you for an additional 25%.  Then once the lay-a-way is paid in full, the purchase will be sent on it's way to you.  If you have any problems making a payment, just give us a call so we can work with you (603-289-2572)