Shipping Information - Updated March 2019

Our low cost shipping method

With skyrocketing shipping prices these days, we are all doing our best to keep shipping costs at a minimum.  We here at understand the high cost of shipping can sometimes prohibit purchasing online, so we have tried to come up with a solution that will benefit most consumers.

For Domestic Shipping within the USA

Shipping is normally calculated by weight and destination.  We have decided to go back to a flat rate shipping amount of $7.90 for all packages up to 10 lbs.  Anything over 10lbs will go up to $14.35 (The Medium Flat Rate price). We do also offer Media shipping rates for folks that buy JUST catalogs, reference books, decals, any other paper items that fit into a flat envelope.  Again this is for JUST paper products.  We have also added First Class shipping for folks that only need a bottle of paint or some EZ line and don't want to pay the priority price.  The First Class rate starts at $3.  If the weight of your order goes over 1lb it will jump to the Priority rate of $7.90.  If you have a questions regarding shipping costs, feel free to email, call or PM on Facebook.

For our Canadian Customers

We hope that we can offer our Canadian friends to the North reasonable rates on both our merchandise and our shipping.  Similar to our US customers, we have started with a base price of $17.00 for packages up to 1 lb.  We think that this weight amount will cover most of our items.  As the weight increases up to 2, 3 and 4 lbs, there is a slight increase in this shipping amount  And of course, 4lbs being the cut-off for being able to us First Class Air Mail postage.  After 4 lbs, only International Priority can be used and these shipping prices will be shown to you when you get to the shipping section during Checkout.  If there are options available to you for alternative shipping, these will be shown during the Checkout process. 

For our International Customers

For folks ordering from overseas or South America, we have obtained prices for both First Class Air Mail and Priority Mail from the USPS.  These prices will be shown to you during Checkout.  Usually most packages that weigh in at less than 1 lb will cost $24.  Sometimes the item is light enough to go for a little cheaper in in these instances we refund the difference.  Once your Country of delivery is entered, the postage value will be corrected for your location.  Prices for International shipping are quite high unfortunately, so take that into account when ordering from us.


There are some items or groups of items that have specific shipping prices.  Things like large boxed kits, or a large group of Hobbyzone modules.  Due to both the size and weight of these types of items they do not fall under the standard shipping prices.   In this case we try to be fair without loosing our shirt.  In most cases the shown price is still under the actual shipping rate.  But if the actual cost of shipping is ever less than the charged amount we will refund the difference.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please drop us a line and we will answer any questions you might have.